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Sidewalk Savers, the GREEN SOLUTION!

On a recent Saturday we decided to apply our Sidewalk Savers solution to repair a crumbling Driveway Apron in front of my friend’s home. Our Environment and pocket-book friendly methods were used to repair rather than replace the driveway apron. We cut the costs from an estimated $1,500 and several weeks to wait for the repair to a few Diamond Tools, a filter bag for our dust collection system, 8 bags of Ready Mix Concrete, and of course, the necessary safety equipment. Our Estimated Costs in total were less than $100.00, and we finished in time to watch the Football game that evening. A one (1) Day Job, start to finish and a chance to help out a friend!

Repairing rather than replacing, we converted the defective pieces of driveway into small pieces that were useable as fill material under his front porch where 34 years of erosion and critters had undermined it. No Land-fill for this waste!We began by examining the surface in the center of the driveway which was cracked and spalling with small chunks of driveway crumbling and pulling out from the base. We decided to use our 7” Diamond Dry Cut Turbo Saw Blade ($27/pc) on a Makita 7” Circular Saw to make a few cuts to determine how deep the concrete was damaged. We set the saw depth for approximately 1.7” cut and defined the area to be repaired with a series of straight cuts, producing squares approximately 4.5”square in size. Since our Makita Circular Saw was not equipped with a Saw Dust Muzzle, we held a vacuum hose near the discharge chute to capture as much of the dust as possible, while wearing our respirators, safety glasses, etc. We then tapped each square with our 4 lb. mini-sledge hammer, easily cracking the concrete into easily removable pieces, leaving a nicely roughened surface on the exposed sub-layer of concrete with nice smooth straight sided 1.5” – 1.7” vertical walls surrounding the repair area.

Obviously, smooth was not a good thing for our side walls, so we prepared the walls by ganging 2 of our 5” dry cut turbo Saw blades ($13/pc) on our Jepson Grinder which we had equipped with a 5” Dust Muzzle and Cover plate. We cut a 1/4” – 3/8” wide square Groove approximately halfway down the straight wall so that the new concrete would have a good surface with which to bond. The 5” Saw blades cut the 30+ year-old Concrete like butter, leaving a very nice Strong surface.
We then Vacuumed and Power washed the entire area to make sure our surface was suitably rough and clean for the new concrete to bond. We hedged our bet by brush coating the entire surface with Commercial Grade “QUIKRETE” concrete bonding adhesive according to the manufacturer’s directions.
We then proceeded with the Mix, pour, trowel, level, and finish operations just as with any concrete work, being greeted by a progressively harder rain just as we were finishing our work. Just in time for an adult beverage and a football game! What’s not to like?

It wasn’t until a week later when we judged the surface suitable for uncovering and for use that we estimated our savings in terms of Land-fill space, Materials, and Greenbacks that we realized just how Green Friendly our Hybrid Repair really was. Did I hit all the appropriate words? Now, we simply have to wait 30 years to see how long it lasts!

……….. Grind It! Cut It! Fix It! ™




Comment from sidewalker
Time: November 16, 2007, 12:14 pm

CRACK REPAIR – A Stitch in Time!
During our repair of the Driveway Apron, we identified a crack in an adjoining Sidewalk block that we simply could not resist repairing.

We used our 4.5″ Crack Chasing Wheel on the Jepson Grinder with the 5″ Dust Muzzle and Cover Plate to open up the Crack for patching. We then switched to a single 5″ Dry Cut Turbo Saw Blade to open the bottom of the groove in order for the concrete patch to be mechanically held in place. Nice!

Just as with our Driveway Apron, we vacuumed and Power washed, actually at the same time, followed by brushing our concrete bonding adhesive on the opening prior to applying our concrete patch.

A few minutes and this quick side job was done.

                Grind It!  Cut It!  Fix It!


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