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Preventative Maintenance for Sidewalks

Most Sidewalk Trip Hazards tend to Grow over time.  They start out as 1/4″ bumps and over a period of 2 or 3 years they move from being a minor annoyance to being a full fledged Trip Hazard.   Since nobody calls in a Concrete Contractor to repair the sidewalk for minor problems, there has really been not much a homeowner or shopkeeper could do beyond watching it grow.

Generally, the Shopkeeper reaches his pain thresh-hold where he can no longer ignore the problem when the bump hits 3/4″ or when he receives a “Love Letter” from the City advising him that he needs to replace the defective pavement block.    A homeowner’s thresh-hold for ignoring the problem has historically been Lots higher, with the real procrastinators risking “Love Letters” from their local attorney by ignoring Stub Toe Hazards in the 3″ – 4″ range.   The real advantage for Diamond Grinding is the low cost of equipment and the relative ease for eliminating even the smallest of trip hazards.

Bottom line:  There is no longer any excuse for allowing Stub-Toe, Trip Hazards to exist.   What are your thoughts on the subject?



Comment from sidewalker
Time: May 11, 2010, 8:55 am

Preventative Maintenance is even more critical than ever as the City of Los Angeles leads the way at abandoning their old power grabbing ways. The city has abandoned the Sidewalks to “We the People” and you can pick up the challenge and the opportunity with SIDEWALK SAVERS! Grind it! Cut it! Fix it!–93229639.html

Comment from sidewalker
Time: January 26, 2017, 4:13 pm

The City of Los Angeles has launched a 30 year program of upgrading their sidewalks that need repair. This should present a great opportunity for jobs for many of the people of Los Angeles. Sidewalk Savers website has the instructions, the business plan and the tooling to do the job! now is the time to GRIND IT, CUT IT, FIX IT!

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