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10 July, 2008 (10:58) | Frequently asked Questions, Tools and Methods. | By: sidewalker

Here’s a  Q & A  that I thought might be helpful to others:


Question:  “I have some trip hazards on my driveway. There are 5 sections that are raised about 1” X 6 feet long. In your  honest opinion, do you think I could even these out with the Jepson 4.5″ Grinder kit? Thank you for being honest with me.”

ANSWER:    Based on the limited information in your question, and not actually seeing the Driveway condition, I would say the 4.5″ Grinding Cup would take a longer time than you are going to be willing to spend. I personally would not hesitate to use the much more powerful 7″ Makita Angle Grinder/Sander and the 7″ Grizzly Diamond Cup along with the Dust Muzzle and suitable Dust collection Shop Vacuum to grind the edges provided that it is as you described it. I expect that, if the sections are all in good condition, without cracks, etc., you may want to consider Slab-Jacking as a method to get the sections reasonably close to being even and then using the Jepson Grinder Kit or the Makita Grinder for finishing the job and for periodic maintenance grinding.

Now, More Questions in order to refine the answer:   Are the sections uniformly offset 1″ ? Did you actually measure the Step? Is 1″ the worst step? Any Larger? A 1″ Stub Toe Trip Hazard would require that you grind a progressive 12″ long ramp if you wanted to comply with Access Board Standards (which are not really applicable to your driveway). You can check in our Manual which is at the top of our web site and then calculate and mark the actual length of ramps that you would be grinding. Again, not having seen your driveway, I would offer the following comments. The sections that you grind will be rather white in color with the aggregate (stone) showing through and looking quite nice, but different from the rest of the driveway. Power-washing will clean up the un-ground sections but they will get dirty faster than the freshly ground sections. For a more uniform color over the entire Driveway, you could use the Makita Grinder to take a Skim cut over the entire driveway. I recently did this on my patio (27′ x 15′) where I had previously ground the Stub Toe Trip Hazards but wanted a nice uniform smooth surface over the entire patio and the adjoining sidewalk. This flat grinding was a wonderful application for the Makita 7″/9″ Grinder, my 7″ Grizzly Diamond Cup, the 8″ Dust Muzzle, and my Dust collection Shop Vacuum with its triple filtration system.I hope this helps.    Now, it’s time to:  Grind It. Cut It. Fix It.Sidewalker

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