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Who actually does the Grinding?

28 October, 2007 (17:34) | Business Opportunity, General | By: sidewalker

The answer to this question varies according to the type of property, the local ordinances, the type and severity of damage to the sidewalks, and according to the availability of Contractors who are willing to do the work. There are certainly some jobs that are not up to the minimum threshold of the jobs that local contractors are willing to do. Perhaps the best situation is where a contractor is going to be replacing several blocks so that the home-owner can award the job to the Contractor who is willing to do the additional minor defect areas at the same time for a nominal additional fee.

Concrete Contractors:

The Grinding operations are being performed by Contractors who see the Grinding operation as a kind of “Clean Up” operation to make the new sections they install blend in with and flow smoothly into the existing sidewalk panels.  Contractors also use the Grinding operation as a method to win the jobs by offering a Hybrid Repair that incorporates replacement where absolutely necessary and grinding where appropriate. 

Maintenance Departments:

Many public and private institutions have “in-house” maintenance departments to do the actual work. A Hotel Chain or shopping center could easily justify having the complete sets of Sidewalk Savers equipment on their Trucks or in their workshops. Hospitals, schools, Parks on the city, state, National level, Office Parks, even the local Law offices who want to protect themselves from themselves, all have a need to be prepared to take corrective actions to maintain their property as a safe hazard free environment.

DIY Homeowners:

There are many cases where home owners or small businesses have relatively slight stub-toe trip-hazards that need to be addressed but which do not represent enough business to attract contractors who are unable to justify the cost of setting up their equipment for the relatively small amount of work.

Sidewalk Saver Entrepreneurs:

More recently, there have been increases in people who see the Sidewalk Saver Procedures as business opportunities to fill a void where none of the above seems to fit. Regardless of the category or the goals of the particular group, the need is huge. It is spread all over the country. It will continue to need to be done wherever trees grow or freeze-thaw conditions exist or wherever ground settles. And, best of all, the workpieces can never be shipped off shore to have the grinding operations performed.

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Grind It! Cut It! Fix It! ™      


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