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Ohio’s Mohican State Park Stub-Toe Artwork!

7 September, 2007 (11:03) | Liability Avoidance | By: sidewalker

Artisans at Ohio’s Mohican State Park Lodge parking lot have turned Stub-Toe Trip Hazards into wonderful Works of Art.   It is truly beautiful how nicely and evidently with great care the trip hazards and stairs are painted Yellow to alert visitors of the hazards.

Some of these Trip Hazards, such as the one at the top of the set of Stairs shown below, are so great that a Diamond Saw or Slab Jacking would be required to eliminate the hazard with grinding being used for fine-tuning the concrete and smoothing it out at the end of the job or for future preventative maintenance.

The following close-up picture of the Curb at the bottom of the Stairway shows how it is necessary to step up from the sidewalk to the curb and then to step down from the curb to the street.


Wouldn’t it be better and lower in cost for the State Park Lodge to simply eliminate the Trip Hazard rather than creating this wonderful artwork?

Especially since our cities in Ohio are spending tax dollars to install wheel chair ramps and requiring us to eliminate stub toe hazards on our residential sidewalks.

It does make one wonder how the City Sidewalk Police would react to residents putting yellow paint on the stub-toe trip hazards in front of their houses.  Or perhaps on the curbs which are elevated above the level of the sidewalks?     It really is not worth the effort to find out when it is so easy to simply:

Grind It!  Cut It!  and  Fix it!

Don’t Paint it!   Eliminate that Hazard.      


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