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Sidewalk Repair is a Two Edged Sword.

1 April, 2007 (12:59) | Liability Avoidance | By: sidewalker

Sidewalk Repair by Diamond Grinding is a Two Edged Sword.  The Sidewalk Saver process is so simple and so inexpensive that there is quite simply no reasonable excuse for not doing it.

Imagine that some person trips on a Stub-Toe Hazard in front of your house.  During the ensuing law suit, imagine the victim’s lawyer telling the jury that the sidewalk could have been rendered safe for an expense of $50.00 but that the owner chose to keep his $50.00 and to allow the hazard to wait for an unwitting victim.

Hmmmmm,  $50.00 worth of routine maintenance to avoid a settlement of $50,000.   Meanwhile, the pictures of the victim with his arm in a sling and his upcoming knee replacement surgery remind the jury of the very real medical costs and suffering caused by the Trip Hazard.     Does the word Negligence come to mind?

Why take the risk?              Grind It. Cut It. Fix It. ™ 

The complete tools and instructions are readily available:



Comment from sidewalker
Time: April 1, 2007, 8:36 pm

Here’s a sample reference for waht a Brooklyn Law firm thinks of this type of Trip Hazard:

Comment from sidewalker
Time: April 1, 2007, 8:37 pm

“What” not waht. Sorry for my error.

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