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Eliminate Trip Hazard Liability Threats!

28 March, 2007 (14:18) | Business Opportunity, Liability Avoidance | By: sidewalker

One of the participants at the recent World of Concrete(tm) convention in Las Vegas related his personal experience with growing his parking lot repair business servicing Retail Shopping Centers in Texas.       

His “ho-hum” Crasher at the World of Concrete was:

                      “I love Liability!”  

He explained how he started a year earlier with 1 pickup truck and limited amounts of repair equipment.    By the time of the show in Jan 2007, he said he now has 8 Pickups and crews working for him to repair the pothole hazards in Retail Commercial parking lots.     His largest retail store customers can easily see enough of a reduction in Insurance Costs to pay for the maintenance and repairs that he is providing.

A pickup truck and a few thousand dollars worth of equipment would be enough to get started Saving Shopping Center Sidewalks from the threats of Stub-toe trip hazard Liability.  What other business offers an endless supply of fixed location workpieces to be repaired by such a simple procedure as diamond Grinding?

                       Grind It. Cut It. Fix It. ™

The Market Need is everywhere that there is a shopping center, a hotel or motel chain, apartments, a shopping district, a school, a park, hospital, retirement homes, residential district, etc.  The list is endless.      Existing construction businesses can use the Sidewalk Savers system for generating business during the down times in their regular construction businesses.   Others find that they can join the American Dream by starting their own business.    Either way, it is time to help eliminate those trip hazard liability threats today, and build up your own business along the way!        

Visit  for a complete list of everything you need to get started at whichever level you choose.

We look forward to hearing or reading comments on your own experiences. 


Comment from AMO
Time: March 30, 2007, 11:43 am

The Industry Trade Magazine “CONCRETE CONTRACTOR” (Feb/Mar 2007) cover story pointed out the huge opportunity for the concrete industry. They quoted Mr. Julio Hallack, the subject of the story, as saying: “There is so much concrete to be restored. It is a multibillion-Dollar Industry.” The Sidewalk Savers approach will quite simply make sure that the task gets started on the sidewalks level and that more can be accomplished with limited dollars.

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