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Springtime is perfect for inspecting and repairing Sidewalks.

27 March, 2007 (12:21) | Liability Avoidance, Safety | By: sidewalker

Spring Fever means it’s time for the Annual Sidewalk Safety Inspection and repair.

Just in time for all the Springtime outdoor activities, it is important for every homeowner, shopkeeper, or Apartment manager, and every City or Park Maintenance Department to perform annual Sidewalk Safety Inspections and to grind down those annoying and dangerous Stub-Toe Hazards.

Here in Ohio, it is wonderful to enjoy the first warm days of Spring as walkers, strollers, children on tricycles or walking to school, skate-boarders, bicycles, and wheel chairs get out and start moving past our homes. Today it reached 78 Degrees!

Naturally, we want neighbors and passers-by to be safe as they walk, jog, or ride past our homes and businesses. There is also the additional peace of mind that comes from preventing exposure to negligence liability claims, either personally or for our Insurance companies. An annual expenditure of less than one or two hundred dollars and/or a few hours of time can make everybody’s life a lot Smoother.

What are you doing in your Neighborhood? In your city? Please post your comments and let us know if you need help getting your city to take an active interest.

Grind It. Cut It. Fix It. ™


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