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Typical applications, benefits, and cost advantages
of sidewalk grinding are shown in the following documents:

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The Sidewalk Savers Advantage:

  • Sidewalk grinding saves substantial Money and Time compared to removing and replacing Pavement sections.
  • Avoid trip hazard liability lawsuits with sidewalk grinding.
  • Reduce insurance costs with sidewalk grinding.
  • Comply with ADA sidewalk accessibility standards with sidewalk grinding.
  • Sidewalk grinding preserves Landfill space by minimizing dumping of Concrete Pavement Blocks.
  • Sidewalk grinding improves the Beauty and Safety of the Neighborhood.
  • Create Job opportunities in the neighborhoods and beyond.
  • Sidewalk grinding solves small problems inexpensively before they become large costly ones.

More and more cities are mandating safe smooth sidewalks and requiring homeowners to pay for them.  The Sidewalk  Savers™
approach empowers homeowners to fully comply while offering significant savings for the homeowners and tax-payers.      

To request a list of some cities that already have Sidewalk Grinding listed as an approved procedure on their websites, please
complete our
request for more information form.

Who Needs the Sidewalk Savers Advantage?

  • Homeowners for sidewalks, driveways, and patio maintenance
  • Apartment Owners/Property Managers
  • Shopping Center Owners/Property Managers
  • City Maintenance Departments
  • Small businesses with concrete floors
  • Landscapers and decorative concrete finishers
  • Concrete contractors and home handyman maintenance services
We supply equipment and methods for DIY
Repair of concrete sidewalk trip hazards!
Avoid potential personal injury and liability claims
with our proven Sidewalk Grinding Repair system!
ADA Compliance
Trip Hazard
Whether a disabled Veteran in a
wheel chair, a blind
neighbor, a new mommy with her
baby carriage,  an
In-Line Skater, or a youngster on a
they all have one common need:
A safe Smooth Sidewalk as
they move through the
The Problem:        Sidewalk Stub-toe Trip Hazards

The Solution:        Sidewalk Savers, Ltd.!

A Few Simple Tools such as a Diamond Grinding Cup .......
.......and a Few minutes per year can make all the difference!

From impossible bumps ........
Safe Sidewalks
.....  to Smooth  Transitions!
Grind It.

Cut It.

Fix It.

Sidewalk Savers™  offers
complete packages with all
necessary equipment, tooling,
procedures, and safety manuals to
make durable sidewalk grinding
repair practical and cost effective
in a high percentage of cases.
Grinding Cups
Dust Muzzle II
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